Call for CHESS Activities 2017

Call for CHESS activity proposals for courses, workshops, and summer schools.

Who can apply: Anyone affiliated with CHESS


  • Must target the CHESS mission (see links to mission statement here)
  • Promote inter-institutional collaboration
  • Must indicate how many CHESS and non-CHESS PhDs will participate and estimate participation of partner institutions (PhDs and lecturers)
  • Must have clearly identifiable outcomes and state benefit for participants
  • Should include the awarding of ETCS, indicate how many. (1 ETCS equals 25-30 hours work-load, including preparation, lectures, group work, presentations, and assignments)
  • Activities must be completed within 2018
  • Proposals should not exceed one A4 page including a description of the activity, objective(s), outcome, and tentative dates (see template on the bottom of this page).
  • A detailed budget must be provided on a separate page (see Details for budgeting activities section below).

Budget: Overall 500 kNOK, resulting in 2-5 CHESS activities within 50-150 kNOK.

Eligible activities and expenses:

  • Courses: Focused on one or more topics relevant for CHESS PhD students (Duration 1-3 days)
  • Workshops: Interactive activity focusing on teaching and research topics with relevance to CHESS with national and international lecturers (Duration up to one week)
  • Summer schools: Lectures and discussions on research topics with relevance to CHESS with national and international lecturers (Duration up to one week)
  • Costs related to running the above mentioned activities (e.g., facility costs, travel, accommodation, course material hand-outs)

Non-eligible activities or expenses

  • PhD related costs: science meeting fees, publication costs, laboratory costs, fieldwork, etc.
  • Salaries
  • Research visits

Deadline for submissions is 1 November. Proposals shall be attached to an email with Subject: “2017 Call for CHESS activities” and sent to

Evaluation: the CHESS steering group[1] will evaluate the proposals and the results will be announced early August.

[1] Members: Thomas Spengler (UiB), Ulysses Ninnemann (UiB), Joe LaCasce (UiO), Carmen Gaina (UiO), Kristoffer Rypdal (UiT), Giuliana Panieri (UiT), Marius Jonassen (UNIS)



The responsible party of a successful proposal is fully responsible for the organising and implementation of the activity, including preparing the activity description for advertising, the booking of facility, arranging invited lecturers/guests, and all other related tasks. CHESS secretariat can only provide assistance for registration if needed.

After the activity is concluded, the responsible party needs to provide a short report, ideally with picture, that will be uploaded to the CHESS website. The report should be sent to the CHESS secretariat, at the latest 2 weeks after the activity is finished.


Details for budgeting activities:

Activities can be led by CHESS partner institutions or arranged with collaborating research schools such as AMGG and DEEP. For collaborating activities, CHESS supports CHESS PhD students to participate via funding their travel and accommodation. It is also possible to co-organise activities sharing costs for lecturers, facilities, etc. as well. Shared costs need to be outlined in detail, also stating the contribution of the partner and the overall costs of the activity.

The budget should clearly outline separate costs for: facility, lecturer fees, travel and accommodation for participants, and any other costs necessary to run the course. Particular attention must be paid to estimate realistic travel and accommodation costs for participants. The party responsible for an activity should not overspend the approved budget. A party that significantly overspends their budget due to underestimation of costs may be penalised in future CHESS applications.


Terms and conditions for participation:

PhD students have to ensure that they keep their travel expenses at reasonable costs. It is therefore required that they make travel arrangements well ahead of time (at least 4 weeks before the start of the activity) and try to share accommodation if possible. If cheaper university housing is available, it should be used and booked well ahead of time to save costs.

There will be cancellation fees for late notice cancellations without sufficient reasons given for non-attendance. Cancellation fees of accommodation and travel will follow the costs associated with the respective reservation contracts with, e.g., travel agents, airlines, or other. Cancellation of participation in a course by PhD students is possible up to 2 weeks in advance of the commencement of the activity without any costs. Cancellation in the period 1-2 weeks prior to the activity will result in a fee equivalent to 50% of the participation costs. Cancellation within one week prior to the activity will be charged with a 75% fee equivalent to the participation costs and no show without cancellation or cancellation when the activity already commenced will be charged with 100% fee equivalent to the participation costs.

The participation costs are the costs per participant to run the course, i.e., covering lecturer fees, room facilities, hand-out material, etc..


Template for the one page proposal

Name of the activity:

Description of activity: [a brief description of activity, indicating how it is relevant to CHESS]



Responsible: [name(s) and institution(s) of the responsible person(s)]

When: [duration and tentative dates, at least indicate the month]


Max. no. of participants: [indicate how many CHESS and non-CHESS participants]

Credit point(s): [how many ECTS, if any]


For inquiries please contact, phone: 555 84775.