Bornö Summer School 2019

July 29, 2019 – August 9, 2019 all-day
Hydrological station, Bornö Island, Sweden

Bornö Stationen, a small retreat in Sweden

Organiser/Responsible: Joe LaCasce/UiO
Credit points: 5 ECTS
Registration form here. Deadline: 16 June
Max. no. of CHESS participants: 4
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The Bornö Summer School is a two week summer school covering topics in dynamics relevant for the ocean and atmosphere. During the school, the students will code their own numerical ocean model, in Python and Matlab. Lectures are given in the mornings about fundamental dynamics, and in the afternoons the students conduct experiments with their models to study the same phenomena. The course is aimed primarily at students beginning in dynamics, but is appropriate for all levels.
The course takes place at a hydrological station on the island of Stora Bornö, off the west coast of Sweden. The station lies directly on the Gullmarsfjord, allowing observations to be made. Lecturers and students stay at the station, and a cook will prepare (fantastic) meals. Students from Denmark, Sweden and Germany will participate as well, in addition to those from Norway. Space is limited at the station. The island is roughly 4 km long, covered with pine trees and is very scenic.

Week 1: Carsten Eden (Univ. Hamburg), Markus Jochum (Univ. Copenhagen)
Week 2: Joe LaCasce (Univ. Oslo), Jonas Nycander (Univ. Stockholm)