Travel reimbursement and terms and conditions for participating in CHESS activities

General terms and conditions for participating CHESS activities:

1. CHESS members have priority for participation in CHESS activities, and participation is normally free to members, unless stated otherwise.

2. When vacant spaces are available, non-member applicants can also participate.

3. Participants who are not a member of CHESS need to pay the participation fee and cover their own travel and accommodation costs.

4. For CHESS members:
(a) CHESS does not pay for single hotel rooms for participants, unless it is under very special circumstances. PhD students should coordinate among themselves and share accommodations. If cheaper university housing is available, it should be used and booked well ahead of time to save costs.

(b) CHESS members have the obligation to make their travel arrangement as early as possible to get a reasonable price for flight and accommodation. Arrangements should be made at least a month before commencement of the activity.

(c) CHESS participants should submit their travel claim no later than 2 weeks after the activity is finished. The total amount claimed should be reported by the participants to the CHESS Administration Coordinator as soon as possible.

5. Cancellation policy: There will be cancellation fees for late notice cancellations without sufficient reasons given for non-attendance. Cancellation fees of accommodation and travel will follow the costs associated with the respective reservation contracts with, e.g., travel agents, airlines, or other. Cancellation of participation in a course is possible up to 2 weeks in advance of the commencement of the activity without any costs. Cancellation in the period 1-2 weeks prior to the activity will result in a fee equivalent to 50% of the participation costs. Cancellation within one week prior to the activity will be charged with a 75% fee equivalent to the participation costs and no show without cancellation or cancellation when the activity already commenced will be charged with 100% fee equivalent to the participation costs.

Travel reimbursement for participating in CHESS activities:

CHESS will normally cover the costs of travel and accommodation for all members who participate in our activities. Note that specific rules may apply for a given course or event.
Unless otherwise specified, participants are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodation, and CHESS will reimburse the costs after the event.
CHESS students should submit their travel claims within 2 weeks after the event.
Remember to keep all original receipts, as you will be required to submit these along with your reimbursement claim.

For members from UiB, UiO and UiT who have access to PAGAweb (HR portal): Reimbursement claims should be submitted with this system at your institute. Please make sure you include a note stating that the claim is for participating in CHESS activity, and also give the name of the course or event. Students from UiB can contact CHESS Administrative Coordinator to get the project number and activity code to do the claim.

For others who cannot use PAGAweb: You should fill in an EXCEL form which should be sent back together with scanned copies of all receipts. Contact CHESS Administrative Coordinator to get the form after the event.

Important note:

If you are staying at a Airbnb or similar accommodation, a large part of your per-diem will be taxable. To avoid tax payment on per-diem, you can claim the receipts of meals on what you actually spent, and we will reimburse your expenses up to the per-diem level. Please remember to keep all the meal/food receipts for the travel claim.