Notes about travel reimbursement for participating in CHESS activities

Participanting CHESS students should submit their travel claims no later than 2 weeks after the activity is finished. The total amount claimed should be reported by the participants to the CHESS Administration Coordinator as soon as possible.

For students from UiB, UiO and UiT who have access to PAGAweb (HR portal), travel claims should be submitted with this system at your institute. Please make sure you include a note stating that the claim is for CHESS, and also give the name of the activity.

For others who cannot use PAGAweb, you should fill in an EXCEL form which will be sent to you after the activity. Please send it back together with all receipts to us (scanned copies are acceptable).

Important note:

If you are staying at a Airbnb or similar accommodation (which we encourage), a large part of your per-diem will be taxable. To avoid tax payment on per-diem, you can claim the receipts on what you actually spent, and we will reimburse your expenses up to the per-diem level. Please remember to keep all the receipts for the travel claim.