“Large scale turbulence course” Report


Participants and lecturer at the course “Large Scale Turbulence in the Atmosphere and Ocean”. From the left: Jostein Blyverket, Siiri Wickström, Knut Ola Dølven, Eli Anne Ersdal, Johannes Dugstad, Andreas Vogel, Joseph Henry Lacasce, Franziska Helmuth and Eli Børve.

8 students took part of the Large scale turbulence course lectured by Professor Joe LaCasce this spring. The course was conducted in week 6 and week 10 at Forskningsparken at the University of Oslo.

During the course, nonlinear motion from the perspective of turbulence theory was examined. First, a simplified system was used to illustrate how linear motion becomes chaotic with nonlinearity. Later, Kolmogorov’s theory of 3-D turbulence, and its extension to two dimensions were examined. The theory was then applied to a larger context regarding flows in the atmosphere and ocean.

At the final day in week 10, the students held presentations both related to their ongoing projects and to the turbulence theory. A broad spectre of presentations, regarding everything from flows in the ocean to the turbulence created by jet engines in the atmosphere, were given. In general a good course with a high learning outcome and many happy participants!

Written by

Johannes Sandang Dugstad


More details about the course can be found here.