ACDC–Summer school 2018 at Finse

During 14 intense days (17-28 September), 23 students and 9 lecturers from worldwide have explored the asymmetries and symmetries in the climate system with prime examples from the oceans, the cryosphere, the atmosphere and the terrestrial domain. The summer school seek to introduce the basics of the climate system through a series of core lectures that the students, together in groups of 3-4, summarize the following day. By doing so, the students get to test their understanding of the basics with the other students. The second week of the school is devoted to topical lectures and also work with the group-projects that the lectures have designed. The students work intensely with this during the 2-weeks before presenting the results for the rest of the group on the very last day. In between the first and the second week, the school embark on a hike where students are familiarized with the local landscape. ACDC is a joint venture that Bjerknes run with a series of other research institutions and universities, including WHOI, UoW, UoT, Scripps, IBS, McGill and Harvard.

Text: Øyvind Paasche
Photo credit: Kerim, Anais, Stephanie