Science Writing Workshop 2021: Course Report

photo: Thomas Spengler

To my disappointment, we had to meet remotely again this year; I miss Bergen and the fine people at the Institute.

Eleven students joined the workshop, submitting papers in a wide range of scientific disciplines.  We read and discussed each student’s abstract, introduction, and conclusion, highlighting statements of the new scientific accomplishments and the gaps they filled.  Again, Thomas Spengler and I suggested the efficacy of presenting early in the introductions the new science and the gap, since the presentation of new science is the primary reason for writing and reading a science paper.  We addressed three papers each day Monday through Thursday, and devoted Friday to specific rewrites.  Zoom technology served us well, but I think we all missed the face-to-face communication.

I’m grateful to Thomas for establishing the workshop; this was or eleventh annual meeting; to Mandy for her administration; and to the generous faculty who joined us for each session. I look forward to next year when, I trust, we can meet in person.

Text: Dallas Murphy