Report on “Fundamentals of Ocean/Atmosphere Data Analysis” course

photo: Gaurav Madan

From May 8–12, 2023, eight students gathered at the University of Oslo to participate in “Fundamentals of Ocean/Atmosphere Data Analysis.” There were students from Oslo, Bergen, and Tromsø, as well as visitors from Gothenburg, the Netherlands, and London. Participants learned the technical and philosophical basis of exploratory data analysis, and put what they learned into practice on a dataset of their own choosing. The final day consisted of informative presentations by the students of the progress they had made during the week, along with vibrant discussion. At the end of the course, several students said it was one of the most inspiring courses they had ever taken.

This was the seventh time this instructor has been invited to teach a one-or-two week intensive course in Norway by CHESS or its predecessor, ResClim. With more than a hundred students having participated, the current generation of young ocean and atmospheric scientists from Norway have benefited from this in-depth training in classical and cutting-edge data analysis methods.

Text: Jonathan Lilly, course lecturer