Call for CHESS activities 2018

We received 14 proposals for CHESS activities during 2018. Many of them are relevant to CHESS. The Steering Committee had decided to fund 9 proposals and one of them was initiated by some PhD candidates themselves. The table below lists the 9 successful proposals and they will be carried out within 2019.

Name of proposal

Amount granted (NOK)

Python for climate scientists 70 000
Turbulence in the Atmosphere and Ocean 10 000
Workshop on Career Development 150 000
Summer School on Data Assimilation in the Geosciences 75 000
Fundamentals of Ocean/Atmosphere Data Analysis 60 000
Training course on the theory, analytics and interpretation of stable water isotopes in the coupled Earth System 20 000
Bornö Summer School 100 000
3rd Course on e-science tools for climate research: “Climate science at high latitudes: eScience for linking Arctic measurements and modeling” 78 000
SciSnack springboard project 26 000
Total 589 000