Bjerknes PhD forum summer barbeque

Left: New board members (except Anna-Marie Strehl who is not present), Right: the group at GFI garden

In what has become tradition, the Bjerknes PhD forum gathered one last time before the summer holidays for a nice barbeque. With more than 25 fellow PhDs, we met in the GFI garden, recapped the last year, welcomed new students who had started this semester, and finally elected a new leader board for the coming year. Since almost the entire leader board was renewed last year, we only renewed half the board now. The new (and old) board members for the coming year are:
Vår Dundas (GFI), Anna-Marie Strehl (GFI), Jakob Dörr (GFI), Rebekka Frøystad (GEO), Christian Quintana Zagaceta (BIO) and Mathias (Mats) Venning (NORCE). Mats is our new “welcoming-new-PhDs”-person, so let him know if you have a new PhD student or know of someone who just started!
We are motivated to continue the important work of the PhD forum to connect the Bjerknes PhDs in scientific and social events. We were also pleasantly surprised by the large interest to join the forum board, which indicates that the PhD forum will have an active community in the coming years!

All the best,
The PhD Forum board

Photos: left: Inès Ollivier, right: Jakob Dörr

The Bjerknes PhD Forum in Bergen – the idea behind the Forum

The Bjerknes PhD Forum intends to create a community for international and Norwegian PhD students from different research areas during their time in Bergen.
Our aim is to facilitate exchange among new and advanced PhD students as well as to distribute and preserve knowledge about “the way things work”.
We meet about once a month to network and discuss different aspects of the academic career and/or life in Bergen. Visiting PhD students and interns are welcome to join our activities.