Travel reimbursement for participating in CHESS activities

CHESS will normally cover the costs of travel and accommodation for all members who participate in our activities. Note that specific rules may apply for a given course or event.
Unless otherwise specified, participants are responsible for booking their own travel and accommodation, and CHESS will reimburse the costs after the event.
CHESS members should submit their travel claims within 2 weeks after the event.
Remember to keep all original receipts, as you will be required to submit these along with your reimbursement claim.

For members from UiB, UiO and UiT: Reimbursement claims should be submitted with the DFØ self-service system. Please make sure you state that the claim is for participating in CHESS activity, and also give the name of the course or event. You should contact CHESS Administrative Coordinator to get the project number and other necessary information to do the claim.

For all other members:  You will be required to fill in a personal and bank information form so that we can create an account for you in our DFØ system. You will be notified when an account is created and you should login to the system to make the travel claim.

Important note:

Please note that we only cover transport and accommodation costs and do not pay for per-diem. If you want to claim meal costs by receipts, please discuss this with us before making the travel reimbursement request.