CHESS seminar “Climate change in a societal perspective” on March 3-4 at UiO, Blindern, Oslo

Our CHESS PhD members Britta Schäfer and Marius Lambert from UiO are organising a seminar on “Climate change in a societal perspective”, which should be of interest to many climate scientists. Most of the seminar talks are open to the public. You can join the webinar following the links in the schedule below.



Time Title Lecturer Zoom link
Wednesday, 3 March
09:00-10:00 How do individual people percept climate change? Knut Ivar Karevold
10:00-11:00 How can climate researchers communicate their results in order to trigger most reaction/mitigation? Knut Ivar Karevold
11:00-12:00 (Why) Should we care about climate? Alejandra Mancilla (UiO)
15:30-16:30 Interactions of climate change and globalization, implications for human security Andrea Nightingale (UiO)
(first part public, afterwards participants only)
Thursday, 4 March
09:00-10:00 Why is it so difficult to find a common way to fight climate change among the world’s countries? Bård Lahn (CICERO)
10:00-11:00 Spot on Norway: Oil drilling in the Arctic and the Norwegian climate lawsuit Lea Nesheim (Natur og Ungdom)
11:15-12:15 How can a reduction of oil production in Norway contribute to diminish global emissions? Bård Lahn (CICERO)
14:00-15:00 The role of public acceptance when designing climate policy, e.g. wind energy construction Marianne Aasen (CICERO) Talk unfortunately cancelled due to illness.