Bjerknes PhD Forum Election BBQ on 4th June

Last Friday, nearly 30 Bjerknes-PhD students met in Nygårdsparken and scared away the rain. For more than two years now, Sonja, Elina, and Maaike have run the PhD Forum with great motivation and commitment – but time has come for a change, and the forum gathered to elect a new leader board. CHESS sponsored a nice BBQ (with half of us eating vegetarian!). After welcoming some new PhD’s that made their way across the Norwegian borders during the last few weeks, we were in a good discussion mood and ready to find the new board members. In the next year (or two?) the PhD-Forum will be led by

Vår Dundas (official Bjerknes student representative, GFI), Anna-Marie Strehl (GFI), Jakob Dörr (GFI), Karl Purcell (GEO), Maaike Zwier (BIO) & Paul Halas (GEO)

We, the ‘new’ leader board, thank our predecessors very much for their great work and organization in the last years!

We plan to organize both informative and science-related events, and to provide an arena for PhD students to meet in more informal ways during outdoor events. We are on the way to post-corona life (fingers crossed), and we, as a board, plan to make up for lost time. We hope that a good balance and regular activities will strengthen the community, lead to good integration, and hopefully lead to long-term networks as well.

(Text and photos: Anna-Marie Strehl)

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