Azerbaijan Summer School: “Mud volcanism & petroleum systems”

When: 28 August – 2 September 2022
Where: Baku, Azerbaijan
Credit: 5 ECTS
Responsible: Adriano Mazzini, CEED, UiO
Application deadline: 17 July 2022

Course description


Students will receive a complete overview on fluid migration mechanisms including those related to hydrothermal activity or occurring in purely sedimentary domains (i.e. from source rock, reservoir, and surface manifestation of degassing) that may result in violent clastic eruptions. These phenomena represent the second largest natural source of methane emission in the atmosphere and remain still poorly constrained and investigated. The last day students present their reports & achievements during a dedicated workshop. A final report is among the requirements for the students attending to the school.

Outcomes: Students and scientists will learn about sedimentary volcanism, related petroleum systems, and atmosphere degassing. For students that plan to have projects related to these topics, it is possible to organize additional days of fieldwork to collect data and observations. The data collected are then processed for further laboratory analyses in various Institutes and may be used by students for their BSc, MSc and PhD projects.

Learning modules/structure:
• Field guide will be provided to participants with instructions.
• 1 day seminars (Auditorium Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences)
• 4 days on field lecturing
• Final presentations from the students on field activities
• Submit written report of activities and learnings achieved during the summer school
• Handling of a written essay with review of literature on a topic of interest from the student related to summer school activities

Flyer and application: