Summer School – Outreach, Teaching, and the IPCC Report

When: Startup day early June; 22-24 June, workshop in Bergen, 27-29 conference and startup of blog on Fiji, 30 June until 19 July, cruise with Statsraad Lehmkuhl
Where: Bergen, Norway; Fiji, South Pacific; on board Statsraad Lehmkuhl
Credit: 4 ECTS
Lecturers: Thomas Spengler (University of Bergen, Norway), Elin Darelius (University of Bergen, Norway), Clemens Spensberger (University of Bergen, Norway), Dallas Murphy (New York, USA), Katja Enberg (University of Bergen, Norway), Gudrun Sylte (Bjerknes Centre for Climate Reserach, Norway), Edvard Hviding (University of Bergen), NN (University pedagogy), Eirik Heim (Cinematography)
Target Group: CHESS PhD students with background in climate change and interest in outreach.


Application deadline Monday 2 May 2022.

Please feel free to contact us if you have specific inquiries:


Course description:

The summer school revolves around the One Ocean Expedition of the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl and focuses on the most recent IPCC reports. The overall theme comprises the production of outreach material on the most recent IPCC reports for a blog to be published from Stasraad Lemkuhl. The course participants will supervise smaller groups of Bachelor students on board to co-create written and audiovisual content.

The course will start with a one-day hybrid meeting early June, where we will discuss the logistics of the course and introduce the first task: to identify storylines and audiences for the outreach material based on the most recent IPCC reports. Participants will be prepared for the tasks on board during a 3-day workshop in Bergen 22-24 June, where we will also decide on the storylines. The workshop will focus on skills relevant to developing stories for both written and audiovisual media, including practical guidance on audiovisual tools and the practicalities of blogging. The workshop will also include pedagogical aspects on group supervision, as participants are expected to supervise groups of four to five Bachelor students on board producing the outreach pieces.

In addition, the course contains a two-day science conference in Fiji on the campus of the University of the South Pacific, where participants are expected to present their scientific work related to their PhD. Another day in Fiji will focus on obtaining audiovisual material on land before boarding the ship. During the nearly three week cruise on the tall ship Statsraad Lehmkuhl, participants will produce the aforementioned written and audiovisual outreach pieces together with Bachelor Students from the University of Bergen who are enrolled in a sustainable development goals course on board. These pieces will be published throughout a longer time period that will start during the cruise and last for several weeks after the cruise. In addition, participants will contribute to posting daily outreach pieces in written form connecting the life on board with their own science.

Example of blog entries by Dallas Murphy written during scientific cruises

Elin’s personal blog webpage with entries from various expeditions

Learning outcomes:

Participants will gain advanced knowledge on blogging using written and audiovisual formats. They will develop a synergistic view encompassing both natural science aspects as well as mitigation strategies and diplomacy. Participants will gain experience in leading workshop-style teaching in smaller groups. We will cover the span from deciding just what the story is to the scripting and the mode of narration right through actual shooting and editing. We will offer the opportunity to make short videos that develop from discussions about the modes and techniques of visual storytelling. Participants will obtain:

  1. knowledge of blogging and outreach
  2. overview of the IPCC reports
  3. introduction to relevant techniques for writing and video production
  4. insights into planning and conducting outreach in both written and audiovisual form
  5. foundation in supervising group work with students

Learning modules:

The summer school will consist of a a 3-day workshop in Bergen focusing on written and audiovisual story telling suitable for outreach. The workshop will also include pedagogical training on group work with students.

There will be a 2-day conference in Fiji, where participating PhD students are given the opportunity to present their work colleagues at the University of the South Pacific to share their science and obtain valuable feedback. Between sessions, there will be ample time for scientific discussions.

On board, each participating PhD students will write one blog piece connecting daily life on board with their own science. Course participants will supervise groups of four to five Bachelor students to produce written and audiovisual outreach material about the IPCC reports. In addition, participants will produce their own audiovisual outreach material related to their own science.

Tentative schedule:

June (day TBD)MorningKickoff meeting, introductions, and logistics
AfternoonWorkshop on story line for the outreach blog
EveningIcebreaker and dinner
Tuesday 21 JuneMorningLectures on story writing
AfternoonWorkshop story writing
Wednesday 22 JuneMorningLectures and visual story telling
AfternoonWorkshop visual story telling
EveningPotluck dinner, if possible outdoors
Thursday 23 JuneMorningLectures on supervising group work
AfternoonLectures on blogging
EveningPack your bags
Friday 24 JuneLeaving for Fiji
Sunday 26 JuneArrival on Fiji
Monday 27 JuneMorningStudent presentations at Campus of University of South Pacific
AfternoonStudent presentations at Campus of University of South Pacific
EveningIcebreaker and conference dinner
Tuesday 28 JuneMorningStudent presentations at Campus of University of South Pacific
Wednesday 29 JuneField preparation for visual stories, collecting picture and video material
Thursday 30 JuneBoarding Statsraad Lehmkuhl
30 June until 19 JulySailing with Statsraad Lehmkuhl, production of written and visual outreach
19 JulyEnd of school

Travel to Fiji

Fiji opened for visitors in December 2021 after a lock down due to the pandemic.

General information about visiting Fiji.

Official international entry conditions for Fiji.

Information about travel to Fiji.

Accommodation, meals, and participation fee

Travel and accommodation for participating PhD students from the research school CHESS will be covered. For the workshop at the campus of the University for the South Pacific, we will arrange accommodation for the group. Accommodation on board the Statsraad Lehmkuhl will be in the main sleeping areas for the trainees, meaning that we will all sleep in hammocks (see picture below).